THE LINK | Structure


The Link is comprised of four programs, each with a different structure but all with the same purpose to provide excellent patient care. The first program is the International Lecture Series. This is a continuation of the series initiated in 2015 encompassing the presentation of a variety of relevant topics by recognized outside specialists. These presentations will be live over internet and generally will conclude with time for questions and answers.
The second program of the project involves Clinical Training Courses redesigned for an interactive virtual format until travel to Bhutan is feasible. The first part of this program will include structured courses to supplement the resident core curriculum. The training may be in areas for which local specialists are not available or in areas for which the head of the department identifies there is a need. The second part of this clinical training program is comprised of six basic obstetrical emergencies with simulation and drills arranged via teleconferencing and offered to district hospitals and other maternity sites as well as to JDWNRH.
To address the challenge of managing complicated patients, the third program of The Link was designed. When there is a patient with complex issues involving more than a single medical discipline, a focused multidisciplinary conference will be organized. These virtual conferences will involve the Bhutanese faculty and residents from the relevant disciplines and invited external specialists with expertise in the medical complications exhibited by the patient. After presentation of the patient's case, discussion of the diagnosis and management options will ensue. A consensus will be used to formulate recommendations for patient care in the context of available resources. The purpose of such conferences is both to optimize patient care and to expand clinical education.
Realizing that ultrasound imaging has become integral to the practice of obstetrics and gynecology and with the advent of international guidelines, the fourth program of The Link project, Ultrasound Training, has been developed. The ultrasound training course in obstetrics and gynecology will be restructured for remote interactive hands-on teaching by well-recognized specialists. The course will be customized for the university to coordinate with the ultrasound teaching and practices already in place. After the structured concentrated segment of the course, training will continue with ongoing engagement of the specialists with case review and consultation.